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The Lawn Calculator, working out how much lawn seed you need

The Lawn Calculator, working out how much lawn seed you need
18th July 2012 Lawn UK

Lawn UK offer a simple tool for calculating the right amount of seed to use on your lawn, or wildflower area. Trying to work out the amount of seed you need would usually involve a complicated sum, the would involve conversions from grams to kilograms to obtain the weight of seed needed to cover your area. Best of all, the Lawn Calculator is free to use, and is conveniently located on every product page on our website.

Each seed mixture page has its own unique lawn calculator, that is programmed by one of our experts to make sure that you get the right sowing rate. The reason for this, is that certain seed mixtures need different sowing rates. For example, a lawn seed mix is often sown between 50-70g/m2, whereas a wildflower seed mixture is sown at a much lower rate, 2.5g/m2.

The calculator makes working out how much lawn seed you need very easy. Simply tell the calculator, the length and width (in metres) of your lawn, or if you’ve already worked it out, simply enter the area in the right hand box. Instantly, the calculator will tell you the quantity of seed required for your project, and all you have to do is click the orange add to cart button.

See this FAQ on seed rates

The Lawn Calculator goes further though, it remembers your entered measurements, and if you decide to look at another seed mixture, you won’t have to type your lawn area measurements in again. This is particularly useful if you want to compare the prices of say a lawn seeds mixture, to that of a wildflower seeds mixture.


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