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Welcome to the Lawn UK online store - Grass seed for sale

Welcome to the Lawn UK online shop. Here you will find our complete range of lawn care products, grass seed for sale, lawn seed and wildflower seed.

All of our items are available for shipping UK wide at competitive prices. For more information on delivery, please visit our shipping information page.


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All-purpose lawn seed

Our all purpose range of grass seed is great value, and very versatile. We have several mixtures that you can buy by the…

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Lawn Fertilisers

Lawn UK supply a range of different fertilisers for various applications, including preseeding fertilisers, and Spring and Autumn…

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Growmore Fertilisers

Growmore fertilisers is manufactured by Vitax, and sold in granular or liquid form. It’s available in many different sized packs…

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Hard-Wearing Lawn Seed

Our hard wearing lawn seed mixtures are the most popular of grass seed. Sprogs and Dogs for example can help you transform…

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Landscape Grass Seed

Our landscape grass seed range contains some of our most popular mixtures used in the industry. We’ve been supplying grass…

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High-quality lawn seed

Lawn UK is known for top quality premium lawn seed. These finest quality grass seed mixtures are designed to look…

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Lawn Packages

If you’re seeding from scratch, and don’t have the time to research everything you need for the perfect lawn, then look no…

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Our lawn care range is designed to make Lawn UK a cone stop shop for all your lawn care needs. We’ll be expanding our lawncare…

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Pest Control

Find products here to control pests and diseases.

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Seed and Fertiliser Spreaders

Spreaders are a great way to evenly distribute seed and fertiliser. A variety of different types are available.

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Specialist and Sports seeds

At lawn UK we don’t limit our product range to lawn seed. We also offer a full range of sports mixtures for use in  many…

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Throw and Grow Wildflowers

Our range of colourful non-native wildflower mixtures are a quick and easy way to add a splash of colour to an otherwise dull…

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Weed/Moss Killers

Here you will find a range of weed and moss killers to use on your lawn.

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Wildflower seed mixtures and individual species

Our wildflower seed range is designed to provide a range of products for everyone. We supply mixtures for all soil types…

Our most popular seed - Sprogs and Dogs

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