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How to sow your grass seed

Sowing your grass seed is very easy, follow these simple steps and soon you will have a lawn that will turn your neighbours green with envy.

New lawns

To get a good establishment, 70 grams of seed per m2 (2 oz per square yard) is recommended. Measure the area and allow a little bit extra for subsequent filling in or patching that may be necessary at a later stage. You could also grow a small area somewhere else in your garden so that you have a ready supply of matching turf for any repair work that may be required.

An easy way of sowing the seed is to divide the area into easily manageable sections. Next, divide the seed into as may lots as there are sections. Then sow half the seed for each section one way, from the left to the right of the section. Following this, sow the other half across the first sowing from the front to the back of the section. This will help to ensure that you get an even spread of types of seed over the area.

Alternatively, you can buy a distributor available from our online store. (These can be used for putting down lawn seed as well as fertilisers.) Again, go over the area one way and then repeat at right angles to ensure proper distribution of the seed. When you have sown your seed, rake it in lightly and, depending on weather conditions, your lawn will begin to show in 14 – 21 days.

Improving existing lawns

The process is similar to that above. Sow at 50g/m2, slightly less this time. Rake or scarify the existing lawn, spread the seed, and tread the seed into the lawn.

It’s best to try and keep of the lawn area for around 6 weeks after sowing. This is to allow the seeds a chance to get established.

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