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Hard-wearing Grass Seed

Our hard-wearing lawn seed mixtures are the most popular of grass seeds. Sprogs and Dogs for example can help you transform you garden’s lawn into a year round green space providing quick growing, full and thick green cover. Hard-wearing mixtures gain this property by containing fast growing aggressive species including modern dwarf perennial ryegrass, and red fescue.

Lawn UK develops the best seed mixtures using the latest varieties. This ensures that you always get the perfect finish, and high rates of germination.

These hard-wearing grass seed mixtures are designed to be easy to grow and fast to establish, with minimal effort. Like all grass seeds, they will benefit from a pre-seeding fertiliser such as Growmore.

You can find useful tips for sowing both on our FAQ pages, or in our article database. These mixtures typically require soil temperatures of 7-8 degrees Celsius, which is normally when the day time air temperature reaches 10 degrees C or above.

If you require a finer quality lawn seed mixture, you can browse our range of high quality mixtures here.

Our most popular seed - Sprogs and Dogs

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