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Get the right rate – sowing rates guide

Get the right rate – sowing rates guide
4th December 2013 Lawn UK

When you sow seed, you need to choose an appropriate application rate. Application rates depend on the type of mixture, its intended use, and whether you are seeding from scratch or overseeding.

We’ve included grass seed and wildflower seed in this guide. Don’t forget that on all seed product pages, the ‘Lawn Calculator’ is in place to work out how much seed you will need. Simply enter your lawn dimensions, and then select overseeding or reseeding. You can read more about the lawn calculator here.

Grass seed

Seeding from scratch702 1/2
Overseeding501 3/4

Notes: For an early or late sowing, increase the rate by approximately 5-10g. For a very hardwearing grass area, increase the rate by up to 20g.


Wildflower seed

Grass containing mixtures2.51/12
Wildflower only mixtures11/25


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