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Widespread – spreader range

Widespread – spreader range
5th December 2013 Lawn UK

Whether you have a small garden or a house in the country, we have a variety of grass seed and fertiliser spreaders to suit your needs.

Firstly, our most popular spreader is the hand held ‘Evergreen’ spreader. Priced at just £15.49, the spreader is lightweight and sits comfortably on your arm. It carries between 1-2kg of seed, which it will spread evenly at an adjustable rate. The spreader will hold up to 3kg of fertiliser.

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Next, there is the Vitax Drop Spreader. With it’s 12 litre capacity, it is suitable for smaller lawns. Unlike other spreaders, it only drops seed or fertiliser the width of the implement. You can get around 6kg of seed in the spreader, and 10-15kg of fertiliser.

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Finally, the largest of the spreaders – the rotary spreader. The rotary spreader has a huge 15 litre capacity, which will hold up to 10kg of seed and 20kg fertiliser. The rotary spreader is designed to cover large areas fast.

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