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  • Lawn Glossary

    The lawn jargon-buster

    Do you know your aeration from your compaction or your ryegrass from your bentgrass? Well, fear not as we break…

    by Lawn UK
  • Why does grass seed grow

    What gets grass seed growing?

    Exactly what does grass seed need to grow? You might think that seeding a new lawn is easy, but it’s…

    by Lawn UK
  • Frozen Lawn

    Keeping your lawn healthy this winter

    As the nights start to get progressively shorter, the temperatures are still low at night, causing frosts around the country.…

    by Lawn UK
  • Your lawn is alive!

    We only ever consider what we see above ground – usually a perfectly trimmed lawn, with neat and tidy stripes.…

    by Lawn UK
  • Artificial intelligence: plastic grass for the future?

    When we first heard about the craze for plastic lawns a few years back, we thought it would be a…

    by Lawn UK
  • Lawn Mower

    One man went to mow…

    That old nursery rhyme is a timely reminder that we’re right in the middle of your lawn’s biggest growth spurt…

    by Lawn UK
  • dog-grass

    The reason why you don’t see organic lawn seed

    Whilst we sell some chemical-free fertilisers, organic lawn seed is still a gap in our product offering. There’s one main…

    by Lawn UK
  • New lawn mower on the best grass seed mixture

    Choosing the right lawn for you

    We appreciate that sometimes looking at all the options for your new lawn on our website can be like standing…

    by Lawn UK
  • puppy-grass

    Things are hotting up

    It seems that February has gotten off to quite a mild start. Certainly, in the south, temperatures are well into…

    by Lawn UK
  • frozen-grass

    New Year

    Have you noticed that the Christmas break has left you and your lawn not looking its best?! Is your garden…

    by Lawn UK

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