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Choosing the right grass seed for dry conditions

Choosing the right grass seed for dry conditions
11th June 2020 Lawn UK

Grass Seed for dry soilFollowing one of the driest springs on record, it’s really important that you choose the right lawn seed mixture for your garden. There are a wide range of options available, depending on the amount of use, type of soil and percentage of shade in your garden, but what should you do if you have dry soil, and which grass seed mixture is best?

It’s all about the roots

Different grasses have different root structures. You will find that drought tolerant grass seeds have deeper roots, which are able to access more moisture and stay green where others wouldn’t. Species such as tall fescue, smooth stalked meadowgrass and slender creeping red fescue all outperform dwarf ryegrass, which is one of the most commonly used grass species.

When to sow grass seed in dry conditions

When you establish your lawn makes all the difference. Whilst you will find grass seed for dry soil tolerates drought conditions well once established, like all seeds, they require warmth and moisture to get going in the first place. You will often see the best germination in spring and autumn when rainfall across the UK is typically highest.

How to sow grass seed in dry soil

The process isn’t vastly different from the standard seedbed preparation. Pay extra attention to the soil structure, and focus on establishing a quality tilth. Whilst grass seed for dry soil should be surface sown, it’s important still that the seed is in good contact with the soil to allow germination.

Watering the area for a few days before sowing can help to soften up the ground, and allow you to rake a fine tilth for your new grass seed.

Which grass seed should you use?

If you know that dry soils are going to be a long term issue, then it’s crucial to get the right mix. Our Drought Buster mix is especially suited to soils lacking in moisture. It contains 5 different species, all of which are proven to perform well in more challenging climates.


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