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What to do about waterlogging

What to do about waterlogging
18th March 2024 Lawn UK

Boots on a muddy lawnIt’s a sight all over the UK right now – wet, soggy lawns lit by the bright spring sunlight that’s starting to become a regular feature in the weather forecasts. There’s no denying that it’s been a wet winter. Rainfall in many parts of the UK has far exceeded historical averages. But what does that mean for your lawn?

Waterlogging in the short term is not likely to cause any significant issues, but if the soggy conditions persist you may need to take action. The main risk is damage to the plants. Wear and tear when the lawn is wet can cause long term patches and gaps which will need filling when it dries up again later in the spring.

If, however, the wet weather continues, it may be worth planning how to repair any damage caused. Unfortunately, overseeding in very wet conditions will be unlikely to succeed. It’s important to prepare the lawn well for overseeding, and this can only really be done when the lawn is more dry.

If you’re planning on sowing a new lawn, use this time to make sure that the seedbed is well drained. In a new build or garden with hard landscaping taking place, consider a good layer of gravel or hardcore underneath the topsoil layer. This will not only help prevent waterlogging in the future but also ensure that your lawn gets the best start when seeding from scratch.


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