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Testimonial: Drought Buster lawn seed

Testimonial: Drought Buster lawn seed
24th July 2012 Lawn UK

We often hear from our customers telling us how well their lawn seed has done. One such example is a customer from Berkshire who chose our Drought Buster lawn seed mixture to seed his new lawn. We were sent a picture of the lawn just 2 weeks after sowing on our Facebook Page.

1) The seed bed before sowing






2) The lawn 14 days after sowing






3) The lawn shown on Saturday, having had its first cut just 27 days after initial sowing.






Our customer told us, “To add a further update, the attached photos show 1) the seed bed, 2) 14 days after sowing, and 3) following its first cut (27 days) on Saturday. I am really pleased that it looks so good and surprisingly dense in less than a month. Obviously the continuous rain we had for the four weeks after sowing was just what it liked! Thanks again for some great seed.”

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