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We want lawns not patios

We want lawns not patios
13th August 2012 Lawn UK

An article published by a leading national newspaper has this morning sparked fury in the turf industry. Bob Flowerdew was said to be talking, “A load of old compost” when he suggested that home owners should rip up their lawns and replace them with patios.

Supposedly, it is better for the environment to have a patio. Science however states that green plants (i.e. lawns) photosynthesise, absorbing CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) and releasing O2 (Oxygen).

The article has caused lawn, turf and garden businesses to have a debate on popular social networking site twitter.

Join us on twitter for the debate, and let’s get #WeWantLawnsNotPatios trending worldwide.

The public have overwhelmingly voted on the Telegraph’s Website that they would NOT dig up their lawns.

The article highlights watering the lawn in a drought as one of the main problems. Well, Mr Flowerdew has obviously never come across Drought Buster.


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