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High and dry: Tips for the hot weather

High and dry: Tips for the hot weather
17th July 2013 Lawn UK

It’s set to be another fantastic weekend, weather is expected to stay fine and dry across much of the UK. There are a few things to be cautious about though.

Our recent Facebook Poll is showing us that the majority of gardeners mow their lawns on a weekly basis. During the dry weather, the grass plants that make up your lawn are more stressed than usual. The lack of water makes it difficult for plants to grow quickly, and in some cases, the plants can be seen to ‘yellow’ as the plants try not to lose excess water. It’s worth not mowing your lawn as short as usual during dry periods. Raise the cutting height slightly so you don’t damage the fragile grass plants.

Now’s a good time to sharpen your lawn mower blades. It’s important you get a nice clean cut when you mow your lawn, so it’s good practice to sharpen the blades mid-way through the season.

You can also look at watering your lawn to help it overcome the dry. We covered this yesterday, take a look here.


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