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Keeping your lawn healthy this winter

Keeping your lawn healthy this winter
6th February 2019 Lawn UK

Frozen LawnAs the nights start to get progressively shorter, the temperatures are still low at night, causing frosts around the country. What can you do though to help protect your lawn during the winter?

Keep of the grass!

Sounds simple, but walking on the grass during a hard frost can in fact damage your lawn. The best option is to simply avoid walking on the frozen grass plants and allow the frost to melt. Also, overusing your lawn throughout the winter months will damage the surface and can cause compaction.

Keep your lawn free of debris and organic matter

It’s important that you rake up any leaves or grass clippings that are slowly rotting on top of your grass. This isn’t ideal, and can increase waterlogging and disease.

Move garden furniture and toys

As in the summer, it’s important that garden furniture, benches, toys and even bird tables are rotated around the lawn. Even though you may not be using them, you can still end up with dead patches of grass. It might be could outside, but it’s worth 5 minutes of your time to keep your lawn healthy for spring.

There you have it, a few simple and easy steps to maintain your lawn health this winter.


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