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Making the most of time at home this spring

Making the most of time at home this spring
19th March 2020 Lawn UK

Spring Lawn Seeding

As the UK braces for an uncertain few months ahead, we’re all being told to stay at home and reduce our social contact. You’re probably tired of hearing about it already, but while we’re not here to talk about the pandemic, we do have some feel-good tips to use your extra time you might have for the garden this spring. Specifically, how can you care for your lawn this spring.

Gardening is good for you

There’s no denying that being outdoors getting fresh air has many health benefits, both physical and mental. As the weather starts to pick up over the coming weeks, more and more of us will be heading out to the garden.

There’s plenty to be getting on with at this time of year, and having a few spare hours will be no bad thing!

Spring lawn jobs

Now’s the perfect time to get your lawn in shape. Winter often leaves the garden looking a little bleak, but with some TLC and nice weather, everything will soon look very green once again.

Overseeding your lawn is a really easy way to bring some life into your garden. It’s relatively quick and easy to do and the results will leave you with a fantastic looking lawn. Read more about overseeding your lawn and choosing the best grass seed.

Feeding & fertilising your lawn is another easy task that you can do at this time of year. March and April are ideal months for a spring feed. One of the best fertilisers is Vitax Feed & Weed. The easiest way to apply is using a distributor to ensure you get the best coverage. You can check out our range of spreaders here.

Planning ahead & wildflower seed

Looking ahead through the rest of the year, there’s plenty to think about too. Our pollinators are really suffering and they need your help. Using native wildflowers to brighten up a dull corner of the garden can be a really great way to help pollinating insects in your local area.

You can try a really small patch in the garden this year of one of our meadow mixtures. Fab Meadow 80/20 is a great start. It’s a meadow mix of several different wildflower species, both annual seeds and perennials. Make sure to read our wildflower guide here for tips on preparation and establishment.


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