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Preparing a perfect seedbed for new grass seed

Preparing a perfect seedbed for new grass seed
9th March 2020 Lawn UK

So you’ve ordered the best grass seed for your lawn, what’s next? While you’re waiting for your seed delivery there are a few tasks in the garden which you can crack on with.

The most important of these is preparing an adequate seedbed, in which to sow your new grass seed.

Where to begin?

  1. Mark out the area that you want to establish your new lawn seed with pegs and string.
  2. Decide whether it’s necessary to apply any weed killer, or if the soil is clean enough to begin cultivation. Weed killers will need to be applied according to packet instructions.
  3. Next, you need to decide on how you will create your tilth. Small enough areas can be down by hand with a trusty fork. Larger areas it can be worth hiring in a rotavator, either self-propelled or on a small tractor.
  4. Decide if you want to apply a pre-seeding fertiliser. This will give your grass seed the best possible start. This can be forked in at this stage.
  5. Your goal is to achieve a fine seedbed where there are no large chunks left, but that the soil isn’t so fine that it no longer sticks together. Breadcrumb consistency is generally a good guide. It might take 2 or more passes over with the equipment until you reach the desired grade.
  6. Remove any large stones, and level the soil.
  7. Before you sow your seed, it’s important to make sure that the seedbed is firm. Lightly roll or tread the area before sowing.

Watch out for weeds

Any disturbance of the soil can bring to the surface weed seeds which have been buried, or even fresh seeds disturbed by wind. You may like to consider leaving your seedbed for a few days just to nip out any offenders.

Ready to sow

Now all that’s left to do is sow your grass seed. You can read out handy guide on that right here.


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