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Things are hotting up

Things are hotting up
2nd February 2017 Lawn UK

puppy-grassIt seems that February has gotten off to quite a mild start. Certainly, in the south, temperatures are well into double figures, indicating that an early spring may be upon us. If your lawn is looking a little tired after winter, it’s possible that you could look at an earlier than usual over-seeding. We discuss in this article the best times of year for sowing grass seed in the UK, but it’s worth noting that temperature and rainfall can affect that.

So how can an early sowing be beneficial? Well, it means that grass will have longer to get established before it’s subjected to full wear and tear over the summer. This should leave you with a healthier lawn, that will be a lot more durable. It#s worth bearing in mind too that different types of grass seeds mixtures require different types of growing conditions. Premium mixtures, like our Premium Green or Premium Shade, will require slightly higher temperatures to get good germination. That’s because they’re composed of slower growing species, like Slender Creeping Red Fescue.

Sure there are some other factors to take into account before you go rushing off to dust off your spreader. North facing gardens for example typically get a little less light and warmth, so even though air temperatures may be nicely above 10 degrees, the soil might still be too cold for seeds to spring into life.

All that considered, make sure you keep an eye on the long-term weather forecast for your area before you start to sow any grass seed!


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