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There’ll be a queue for Q4…

There’ll be a queue for Q4…
4th September 2013 Lawn UK

As the Autumn seeding window is wide open, now is a perfect time to explore the various pre-seeding fertiliser options. There are alternatives to our best-seller, Growmore, such as Vitax’s revolutionary Q4 fertiliser.

Like other pre-seeding fertilisers, Q4 is applied at 140g/m2. Q4 is pelleted for easy spreading and the perfect balance of plant foods and trace elements gives super results.

Q4 is very easy to apply. Simply spread evenly into moist soil, and the lightly hoe in. It’s best to allow a few days for the pellets to dissolve prior to planting your lawn seed though.

As well as being perfect for new lawns, Q4 can be used all around the garden. It is suitable for everything from tomatoes to roses.

Lawn UK supply Q4 fertiliser in 4.5kg boxes, which cost £17.40 each. Click here to order yours now.

Q4 is also available in 2.5kg boxes, costing £9.85.



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