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The Great British Mix

The Great British Mix
21st August 2012 Lawn UK

This year, 2012, has been a very special year for the UK. The Queen had her Diamond Jubilee in June, which saw the nation turn out in great force (in the rain) for street parties and celebration. The Olympic Opening ceremony in July bought tears of pride, and Team GB continued to finish 3rd in the Olympic medals table. Still to come we have the 2012 Paralympic Games which will hopefully be as successful as the Olympic Games.

A sense of national pride has been felt throughout the country, as the distinct red, white and blue flags bearing the Union Jack have been attached to cars, lampposts and flagpoles.

To harness our patriotism, we have created a great our “Great British Mix”, which is a wildflower mix, inspired by the mix we supplied for use in London’s Olympic Park. The mixture is a celebration of all things British, with red, white and blue coloured flowers including: Cornflower, Poppy, Red Campion, White Campion and Corn Chamomile.

Try the mixture yourself with 1kg or 50g packs:



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