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The Great British Mix – 50 grams

The Great British Mix – 50 grams


At Lawn UK, we had the privilege of supplying some wildflower seed to a contractor who planted a mixture of our seed in the Olympic Park.

As the popularity of the Olympic mixtures has increased significantly, we have decided to make a similar mix available to the public, called our “Great British Mix”.

This mixture is designed to create a lasting memory of this year, both with the London Olympics, and the Queen’s Jubilee – it contains patriotic flowers – reds, whites and blues. Use this mix to create your field of dreams.

This pack will cover up to 20m2. For more information on sowing rates click here.

Our mixture contains:

80% Blend of low maintenance grasses
20% of the following flora blend:
5% Ladys Bedstraw
5% Birdsfoot Trefoil
5% Sheeps Sorrel
5% Poppy
10% Self Heal
5% Corn Chamomile
10% Corn Cockle
10% Red Campion
5% White Campion
5% Red Clover
5% Cornflower
5% Oxe-eye Daisy
10% Wild Carrot
5% Corn Marigold
5% Lesser Knapweed
5% Meadow Buttercup


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