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Up your game with a court like Wimbledon

Up your game with a court like Wimbledon
24th June 2013 Lawn UK

As Wimbledon begins this year, perfectly groomed grass courts are the key to every game. The world class courts all start with a good seed mixture, and Wimbledon is famed for using hyrdo-seeding techniques, to ensure grass seeds germinate in the shortest possible time.

Don’t be fooled by the complexity of the process. It’s quite easy to create a top grass court yourself, providing of course you have the space. Provided that you allow plenty of time to establish your grass court, you too can soon be playing on a perfect surface.

If you’re planning on seeding a new court, ground preparation is key. Fork some fertiliser into the soil at this stage. The last thing you want is a playing surface that is uneven, or lumpy. Make sure that it’s good and firm before you begin sowing seed. Once you are satisfied that the area is as level as possible, broadcast the seed, and lightly rake it into the soil. After sowing, you should keep off the court until the grass is around 10cm (4″) tall, before cutting it, at the highest height your mower will allow. Gradually reduce the cutting height over the coming weeks – this will ensure a good thick court.

Make sure you sow the seed at a high enough rate. Usually 70g/m2 is enough.

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