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Mixed to order, every time

Mixed to order, every time
16th October 2013 Lawn UK

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We’re often asked questions about how our mixtures are prepared. That’s because we prepare our grass seed mixtures to order every time, and that’s what makes us different from garden centres, DIY shops, and supermarkets.

When you place an order for one of our hand-made grass seed mixtures, our team are given a break down of the mix and components are weighed out and mixed ready to be sent out for next day delivery. This ensures that not only are our mixtures fresh (they haven’t been sat in boxes for months or years), but that we can control the quality of our lawn seed, and ensure production perfection.

This unique way of working means that we are able to offer our customers complete flexibility with their mixtures, and we are often asked to make up special blends of grass seed on behalf of our clients.


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