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Controlling Common Lawn Weeds

Controlling Common Lawn Weeds
3rd January 2014 Lawn UK
Stinging nettles in lawn


It is a well-known fact that when it comes to our lawns, weeds are one of the most annoying occurrences. After all, they grow uninhibited and if left unchecked, they can spiral out of control rather quickly. In such a scenario, it becomes imperative that timely measures are taken in a pre-emptive manner. One such effective method is the deployment of weed killers, such as Vitax Lawn Clear.

Key Features

A key feature of Vitax Lawn Clear is that it works selectively on weeds, not on grass. So you can be absolutely reassured about the wellbeing of your lawns – it will do absolutely no damage to them.

Furthermore, the efficacy of Vitax Lawn Clear stretches well beyond selective weeds only, to just about every one of them. So whether we are looking at daisy, dandelion, clover or buttercup, it will work very effectively against all of these…and more! Ribwort and broad-leaved plantains are also known to be particularly bothersome and yet this weed killer will perform its magic against these irritants, absolutely seamlessly!

Besides its versatility, Vitax Lawn Clear weed killer is also known to work fast, very fast! So once you have it sprayed, it will start doing its job within no time at all, ensuring that weeds disappear into oblivion, for a long time to come!

Composition and Offering

Vitax Lawn Clear contains Clopyralid, 2.4D and MCPA. In plain speak, suffice it to say that these are the latest and most powerful chemicals known to work most effectively against weeds, without doing any harm to the grass – or to you!

The product offering comes in both concentrate form (which needs to be diluted with water) as well as in a pre-mixed form, offered in very convenient trigger spray packaging. The latter is completely ready to use, simply spray the weeds away!

Instructions for Usage

Instructions for usage depend on the choice of offering which you opt for.

So if you opt for the concentrated form, make sure you dilute it as per the instructions on the pack. In this regard, it would be apt to mention that the choice between the concentrated form and the pre-mixed form would largely be determined by the area which is to be covered; larger the area, more appropriate it would be that you opt for the concentrated form.

Given that growing season in usually between the months of April and September, you can schedule to cover the entire area that you would like to see weed-free, spraying once or twice during this period.

An important precaution to be taken is that you must not cut the grass on your lawns, either 5 days before or 3 days after the treatment regimen. Otherwise, you risk the weed killer not being able to get to the weeds fully so as to do its job with panache.

As far as application goes, you can use a simple sprayer, a sprinkler bar, or even a watering can onto which you can affix a suitable attachment – all of these methods will work just fine.

When it comes to the ready-to-use trigger spray, first of all, it is well suited for smaller areas. In fact, if you find individual weeds growing intermittently on your lawns, it is this ready-to-use trigger spray which would be ideal for usage against them, since it can be targeted most effectively. The only precaution as such which you need to take is to spray carefully, focusing on the weeds so that there is little to no running off, of the weed killer.


Today if one looks around, it is not very hard to find weed killers – there are practically dime a dozen! At the same time, there are some major shortcomings in a lot of these weed killers, particularly the high probability of doing damage to the grass, as well as poor efficacy against some varieties of weeds, i.e. they don’t work effectively against all.

In comparison, you will find Vitax Lawn Clear to be immensely robust, ensuring that it does no damage to the grass itself. Further, it works with equal effectiveness on just about any and every kind of weed out there…

Couldn’t ask for more, could we?


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