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Vitax Lawn Clear RTU (750ml)

Vitax Lawn Clear RTU (750ml)


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Kills the weeds other weedkillers leave behind

  • Fast acting, powerful weedkiller for lawns
  • Controls buttercup, clover, dandelion and daisy
  • Kills the weeds, not the grass.
  • Available as a concentrate and in a Ready-to-Use Trigger spray

Contains Clopyralid, 2.4D and MCPA

Vitax Lawn Clear  weed killer is a powerful  weed treatment  for lawns that uses the latest chemistry to control weeds.  It will not damage your lawn.

It is available as a soluble concentrate for dilution with water and in a pre-mixed, ready-to-use trigger spray.

Vitax Lawn Clear provides the answer to those tough weeds that many other weedkillers leave behind, including broad-leaved (greater) plantain, ribwort plantain, creeping buttercup, white clover, dandelion and daisy.

Use the concentrate, diluted according to pack instructions,  across larger areas once or twice during the April – September growing season. Grass should not be cut five days before or for three days after treatment to ensure full uptake by the weeds. The concentrate can be applied by watering can fitted with a rose attachment or by sprinkler bar or by sprayer.

The ready-to-use trigger spray can be used to spot treat individual weeds or applied across small areas. Simply spray enough to cover the weeds without run-off.

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