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Vitax Scent Off Granules 225g

Vitax Scent Off Granules 225g


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Scatter directly from the pack to discourage animal fouling

  • Easy-to-use animal repellent
  • Helps keep lawns, beds and borders free from fouling
  • Can be used as a pet training aid

Scent Off  has been specially developed to discourage pets from fouling and staining lawns, paths and driveways.

It works by confusing the animal’s sense of taste and smell which effectively deters them from fouling the treated area. It is safe to use in areas where children play.

For best results is it important that existing animal droppings and smells are removed prior to application.  Smells can normally be broken down by treating the area with a weak biological solution (eg biological washing powder).

Scent Off can also be used as a training aid for your own pets, teaching them not to foul selected areas of the garden.

Scent Off can be used on lawns, paths and driveways.  Application to herbaceous plants should be avoided.

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