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Where does lawn seed come from

Where does lawn seed come from
3rd August 2012 Lawn UK

Combining seed

Lawn seed is generally made up of a number of different individual species. The main species used in lawn seed are dwarf ryegrass, creeping red fescue, slender creeping red fescue, red fescue, bentgrass and smooth meadow grass.

Very little grass seed is grown in the UK, most of it comes from other countries. Many wildflowers that we sell though are grown here in the UK. Wildflowers like poor conditions – largely a reason they are so successful in the UK.

The majority of our grass seed is grown in Europe though, with Germany and Denmark being key players in the grass seed market. Grasses are grown as individual species, and a cleaned and bagged in large warehouses in Europe. Seeds are then packaged for transport, loaded into a container, and are usually driven across Europe on a container lorry. Did you know you can fit nearly 30 tonnes of seed on an articulated lorry?

Some seed though has an even longer journey from field to our warehouse. Species that we cannot source more locally, such as bentgrass and smooth meadowgrass can come from Canada, the USA and even as far as New Zealand. We have to wait longer for these seeds to be transported to us, as we send them on container ships to move towards being more eco-friendly. We then send a lorry to the seed’s arrival port, which is usually Southampton or Felixstowe.

The individual species arrive from around the world at our processing warehouse, where we mix your seed to order. Components are weighed out, mixed and bagged off into the amount you order. Seed is quality control checked, and then begins it’s final leg of the journey to your home.

We load seed onto pallets and onto our UK courier’s lorry. The lorries then carry the seed back to the local depot to be loaded onto the main system.


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