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Organic Lawn Fertilisers

Organic Lawn Fertilisers
6th January 2014 Lawn UK

Why apply chemicals to your lawn, when there are several organic fertilisers that you can use instead?

Pouring on artificial Nitrogen fertilisers is not something eco-minded gardeners would choose, so it’s best to use a natural alternative wherever possible.

There are two main organic lawn fertilisers you can use:

1. Supagro by Vitax

Supagro is a fantastic organic general purpose fertiliser. It can be used as a preseeding fertiliser, as well as a Spring lawn treatment. When using as a preseeding fertiliser, Supagro should be applied at 140g/m2.

2. Blood, Fish & Bone by Vitax

Blood, Fish & Bone fertiliser is more commonly known. It’s natural ingredients contain high N, P and K, so again making this a good multi-use fertiliser.

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