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August lawn care (Lawn Care Diary)

August lawn care (Lawn Care Diary)
1st August 2014 Lawn UK
Lawn Rangers Diary

August is usually a busy month for lawns. Not only is it the middle of the school holidays, but plenty of good weather means everyone is out making the most of their green space. Hot and dry weather, whilst not always guaranteed, can put your lawn under a lot of stress, so it’s important to manage it well.

August Priorities

– Mow regularly (twice or three times a week if possible)

– Control weeds (if they appear)

– Water your lawn during dry periods


The rain we’ve had over the last few weeks across many parts of the country should help lawns thrive, especially since the ground is so warm. This means (unfortunately) you’ll be out mowing the lawn much more regularly to keep it tidy. As ever keep the blades sharp to ensure you get a perfect cut.

Weed control

Just like last month, weeds can be an issue at this time of year. We recommend the ready to spray Vitax Lawn Clear spot treatment. It needs to be applied to the leaves of any weed plants that appear.

Watering your lawn

Whilst the forecast remains varied, it may be worth watering your lawn if we have any long dry periods. It’s important to make sure you water with a fine sprinkler, and for long periods of time. 5 minutes with a hosepipe won’t make much difference. Another option (although less aesthetically pleasing), is to leave lawn cuttings on the lawn. This helps reduce evaporation in dry periods. See our guide on watering here for the full details.


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