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Should I water my lawn

Should I water my lawn

Watering your lawn is a very controversial subject. There are benefits, and disadvantages.

To water, or not to water?

Watering your lawn is great, especially when it’s dry. Or is it? It’s been found that there is little point in watering your lawn, be it from seed, or an established lawn. You would have to leave a high volume sprinkler on, almost 24hrs a day, to replicate the same volume of water that enters the ground during a rain shower. A rain shower will cover a large area, not just your lawn. This means that the soil retains its moisture for longer, because it does not evaporate or seep away into other dry areas.

Will the lawn not die or wilt if I don’t water?

Every lawn is different, and it depends on what species make up your lawn. Most lawns will survive through long periods of drought, perhaps up to months. You may notice the lawn starts to lose colour, but usually, the lawn won’t be affected. If you continue to worry about not plant a lawn because of dry weather, you could try our drought resistant grass seed, drought buster.

Hosepipe bans

During times of drought, it is common for water companies to impose hosepipe bans across parts of the country. For those who wish to water their lawns, it is sometimes possible to get a newly laid lawn exemption. This depends on you area and individual water companies rules, but please contact them for more information.

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