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Weather on the turn

Weather on the turn
17th July 2012 Lawn UK

Just a few days ago, we published our guide on how to maintain your lawn during the wet weather. Now though, it seems that our advice is unnecessary, as it has been widely reported today that the weather is set to change for the better. The change in weather though is long overdue, as Britain has experienced one of the worst summers in many years.

The BBC reported that the change is caused by the jetstream changing its position, moving back up north, where it should be during summer months. The jetstream has been the cause of the unstable weather that the UK has experienced lately.

The National Trust reported in a news article yesterday, that they were worried about the weather influencing wildlife, including wildflowers. Hopefully though, the change in weather should mean that British wildlife will not be affected significantly.

Next week is expected to remain dry, with temperatures beginning to increase.

So what does this mean for your lawn?

Your lawn will usually tolerate dry conditions, after all species are adapted well for growing in the UK, with its cold winters, and warm summers. You shouldn’t need to do anything differently.

We’ll continue to post seasonal and current advice on how to care for your lawn.


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