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Top dog: Meet our best selling lawn seed

Top dog: Meet our best selling lawn seed
30th July 2013 Lawn UK

Sprogs and Dogs has been our most popular hard wearing lawn seed for years.

But just what makes Sprogs and Dogs the best grass seed?

Sprogs and Dogs was the brainchild of Lawn UK’s founder. It was designed to be a hardwearing, smart and easy to grow lawn, that could be relied on for many years to come. Sprogs and Dogs is a carefully blended mix, made up of 3 key species: Ryegrass, Slender Creeping Red Fescue, and Bentgrass.

Sprogs and Dogs has attracted attention from the media too, with the Independent Newspaper recommended our superb lawn seed mixture (read more about that here).

Try it yourself. Sprogs and Dogs is available here.


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Our most popular seed - Sprogs and Dogs

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