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Time for Lawn Sand

Time for Lawn Sand
12th August 2014 Lawn UK
Lawn sand

Lawn Sand is a greening tonic, applied to your lawn in Spring and Summer. Lawn Sand should be used to promote vigorous growth as well as to kill any moss. The product contains a chemical called Ferrous Sulphate, which will kill moss in 7-10 days. Moss should be raked out when it starts to lose its green colour and turn black.

Lawn Sand should be evenly spreader over your lawn. This can be done using a spreader or by hand if the area is small enough. A 4kg box will treat up to 32m2, whereas a 20kg bag will happily cover a lawn up to 150m2. You can read more about these products by using the links below.

Of course there are other alternatives to Lawn Sand. High Nitrogen fertilisers like our Vitax Green Up Feed and Weed + Mosskiller, are popular at this time of year. The 3-in1 fertiliser kills weeds, feeds the lawn and takes out the moss in one application. It’s available in 3kg boxes, and 25kg bags. Coverage for the 3kg box is 48m2, and this costs just £11.99.

All of our products are available with free delivery, so order now to keep your lawn looking perfect for the rest of the summer.

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  1. David Burgess 6 years ago


    Will this product kill broad leaf weeds like dockleafs too?

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