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3kg Green Up Feed & Weed + Mosskiller Granular box (Vitax)

3kg Green Up Feed & Weed + Mosskiller Granular box (Vitax)


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Triple action on the lawn – feeds, weeds and kills moss                                                           

  • Controls common lawn weeds while feeding the lawn
  • Eradicates moss in lawns
  • Slow release formula for a greener lawn
  • Apply from April to September

Contains 2.4-D, mecoprop-p and ferrous sulphate

A triple action formulation that kills moss and controls weeds while providing essential nutrients to grass plants. The result is a moss and weed-free lawn lawn with healthy, lush green grass.

Green Up Feed & Weed + Mosskiller is supplied in slow-release, granular form, to ensure long-lasting action and effects.

Feed & Weed should be spread evenly over your lawn according to the label instructions. The best method of application is via a calibrated spreader (click here for details of the Vitax Spreader range).

Dead moss and other debris should be raked out of the lawn, 10 to 14 days after applications. Bare areas should be re-seeded after 28 days to prevent re-invasion by weeds.

For a high quality lawn, Feed & Weed application should be repeated at 4 ~ 6 week intervals.

Covers 50 sq.m

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3 reviews for 3kg Green Up Feed & Weed + Mosskiller Granular box (Vitax)

  1. Marc (verified owner)

    The grass has really grown

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  2. James Faulkner-Jones (verified owner)

    (0) (0)
  3. Carlos (verified owner)

    Good coverage, mild weed controller

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