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Miss mowing? Prepare for the new season

Miss mowing? Prepare for the new season
5th December 2013 Lawn UK

Your mower may be safely tucked away in the shed, but it can be beneficial to make sure it’s in good working order ready for the spring.

Blades are one of the most important parts of all mowers. Sharp blades are essential to ensure that you get a good clean cut when you start mowing your lawn in the spring. Although blunt blades will still ‘cut’ grass, the end result will be a very uneven finish, and you’ll end up with a coarse, woody looking lawn.

For engine-driven mowers, check the oil, and replace any worn parts. Check the belts are tight and not worn. For electric mowers, you should check the cable for any damage, and fix as needed.

Now that you’ve got the mower ready for action, all that’s left to do is wait. Initial grass growth in the spring will be quite slow at first. Before the first cut of the year, it’s good to let the lawn grow up to 5-8cm (2-3″). Cut at the highest setting first, and reduce every week until you reach the desired height.


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