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Sow wild – why not try a wildflower meadow next year?

Sow wild – why not try a wildflower meadow next year?
13th November 2013 Lawn UK

Recreate traditional wildflower meadows using our wildflower mixtures. Attract insects to your garden, and help pollinating insects by providing nectar sources. Our specially designed mixes contain species approved by the RHS Perfect for Pollinators scheme. 

We offer a number of different wildflower seed mixtures, and the range caters for all soil types, from acidic to loam. View the range here.

Sowing and establishing wildflowers can be difficult, so follow these simple steps to ensure you get good results.

1. Sow your wildflower seed at the correct time. Generally, this is between March and early May, and August through till early October, although these times vary with the weather.

2. Make sure you are using the right amount of seed for the area you are covering. A wildflower and grass mix should be sown at 2.5g/m2.

3. Control any weeds in the area by mowing annual weeds before they go to seed, and digging out any perennial weeds. Wildflowers don’t like competition from other plants.

4. Wildflowers can be sown into bare soil, or existing vegetation. Seeding from scratch with a wildflower and grass mix usually provides the best results, because everything is in perfect proportion. Make sure you rake the ground prior to sowing, and consolidate the soil once you have spread the seed. Sow by hand, or a seeder, mixing seed with sand to help even distribution.

5. Keep off the area to allow establishment.

6. Mow the area every autumn when all the wildflowers have finished flowering.


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