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How many grass species are there?

How many grass species are there?
5th December 2013 Lawn UK

Take a guess! 50, 500? That’s what you might think. We use about 100 species in our seed mixtures here in the UK. To be clear, we are only talking about species, not varieties here.

Around the world, there are 11,400 known grasses. Incredible? We think so. The Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew painstakingly compiled the list of all grass species that we know about. It shows the huge potential for exploring new species to use in lawn seed mixtures.

It’s worth taking a look yourself. Check our Facebook post below for the link.

Try and spot some familiar plants. Fescue and ryegrass are easy ones. The names are in Latin on the list, so you’re looking for the the genus “Festuca” or “Lolium“.


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