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Fragrant Lawn in West London park – Pollinator seed

Fragrant Lawn in West London park – Pollinator seed
11th June 2013 Lawn UK

Fragrant Lawns are not something used frequently in this country. Today, it was unveiled that the University of Reading’s PhD Student, Lionel Smith, had been working on a special fragrant lawn mixture for a West London park.

The aim of the fragrant lawn is to offer pollen sources for pollinating insects, such as bees. Mr Smith’s mixture contains a wonderful range of species chosen to offer good pollen sources.

The best part is this can be used as a lawn, and because the seeds are smaller, it requires a much lower sowing rate.

Our Fragrant Lawn mixture is similar to that used in the park, you can read more about it here: Lawn UK Fragrant Lawn

Read the BBC News coverage of the story here: BBC News

Read more about wildflower seeds here: Wildflowers


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