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Don’t get lost with Bermuda Grass

Don’t get lost with Bermuda Grass
2nd January 2014 Lawn UK

Bermuda Grass seed is becoming increasingly popular around Europe. Cynodon dactylon, strangely, is not a grass found growing native in Bermuda, but is an abundant species there.

Bermuda Grass seed grows particularly well in hot, dry climates, particularly those in Southern Europe. Bermuda Grass is frequently found cultivated in regions seeing 30 degree heat, and lower than average rainfall. Bermuda Grass is fairly drought tolerant.

Bermuda Grass has a, coarse, rough leaved appearance, and compared to some species we use in our fine mixture, it can be seen as a weed like grass. The plant has also earned itself the nickname ‘Devil’s Grass’ in some gardening circles, because it is so persistent once established.

If you’re looking for an alternative drought resistant grass seed, you could look at a mixture such as our Drought Buster mix. Drought Buster grass seed is designed to tolerate low rainfall, and high temperatures. Drought Buster is a blend of finer species, giving it a better appearance than straight Bermuda Grass.

Overall though, Bermuda Grass is a good species to use in climatically challenging conditions, where other species and mixtures may not grow as well.

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