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Improve your grass with a good fertiliser

Improve your grass with a good fertiliser
4th December 2013 Lawn UK

Fertiliser treatments are a good way to get the best out of your lawn. Since Nitrogen based fertiliser emerged into mass agricultural markets back in the 1960’s, granular fertilisers have come a long way.

Significant numbers of complex garden fertilisers have been developed since then, meaning that we have a fantastic diverse range to choose from, when it comes to getting the right one for your lawn.

Granular lawn fertilisers can generally be split into two categories. 3-in-1 feed, weed and mosskiller, and simple lawn feeds.

3-in-1, Feed & Weed + Mosskiller

This type of fertiliser is great for keeping your lawn in a good shape. Not only does it contain N P and K, but it also has weedkiller and mosskiller chemicals. Everything works together to give you a very green, healthy looking weed and moss free lawn.

Our recommendation in this category is Vitax Lawn Feed & Weed + Mosskiller. RRP £11.99 per 3kg box.

Simple lawn feeds

More for the ornamental lawn owner, simple lawn feeds and fertilisers are designed to only promote healthy grass growth, assuming that your lawn is already well cared for, and weed free. Because the concentration of NPK is greater in this feed, 3kg of fertiliser covers 120m2, well over double that of the weedkiller containing fertiliser. This makes a simple lawn feed a more economic option.

We recommend Vitax Green Up Lawn Feed. RRP £11.99 3kg


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