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How long will a lawn last?

How long will a lawn last?
6th December 2013 Lawn UK

Perennial grasses are fairly persistent and hardy plants. Lawns can last indefinitely, however there are a number of factors that could limit the lifespan of a lawn.

Typically, lawns will last as long as there is warmth, moisture and soil nutrients. Almost all grass species we use in our mixtures are perennials, and bred to be reliable lawn grasses.

Lawns over time can simply ‘wear out’, if they are not cared for properly. For example, patches damaged by over use should be repaired promptly. If not repaired, these patches will get bigger over time, and lawn plants won’t be able to fight back. You can fix patches as they appear using a method called overseeding. Older lawns can begin to look yellow, and weeds can work their way into the lawn. This is likely to be due to nutrient deficiencies and can be remedied by using a fertiliser. 3-in-1, feed, weed and mosskiller fertilisers, are good to use in this situation. They will help restore colour in the plants, and help control any weeds in the lawn.

Of course there are many other causes a lawn may look to be dying back. Disease is a potential cause, but there are many different types that can occur. Read here for more information.

So, providing your lawn is well looked after, there is no reason why it won’t grow well for over decade. It’s good practice to consider re-seeding your lawn once in a while, if anything to give you the opportunity to bring in some new topsoil.

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