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Choosing the right lawn for you

Choosing the right lawn for you
3rd February 2017 Lawn UK

We appreciate that sometimes looking at all the options for your new lawn on our website can be like standing in a supermarket aisle looking at 50 different types of breakfast cereal. So in order to try and make things easy for you, we have a couple of suggestions.

First question to ask yourself, is ‘how much time am I prepared to spend maintaining my lawn?’. The reason for this is a simple one. Different mixtures require different maintenance depending on how they are made up, or what grass species are used. Typically speaking, fescue and bentgrass mixtures require less in the way of mowing, but more in the way of feeding and weeding. Ryegrass based mixtures grow faster, and require more frequent mowing, but are less demanding in terms of the equipment needed – a simple rotary mower will suffice. They also don’t require so much nitrogen fertiliser as the varieties used in modern day seed mixtures are bred for optimum aesthetic value.

The next thing to consider is any limiting factors that might prevent your new lawn from reaching its optimum. Maybe it’s light availability or density of traffic – anything that could pose a problem should be considered before choosing a mixture. We have several specialist grass seed products which have specially formatted blends for specific conditions. Check out Premium Shade for particularly dark areas, or Sprogs & Dogs for durability.

Finally, remember to check out our different categories. Remember that hard wearing grass seed mixtures are usually the most demanding in terms of mowing, and high quality mixes usually require the most feed to keep them at their best.

If you’re still struggling to find the best mix, check out some of our most popular ones here. Alternatively, you can get in touch and contact us.


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