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Weather causes excessive lawn growth

Weather causes excessive lawn growth
14th July 2012 Lawn UK

The weather that we have had so far this summer has been far from what most people were hoping for. Instead of long dry periods, we have had frequent rain, and so far April, May and June have beaten records. At the beginning of the month, some parts of Northern England saw a whole month’s rainfall over 48hrs. Flooding has caused problems across the country causing travel disruption and even events such as the Great Yorkshire Show to be cancelled.

But what does this mean for your lawn? Well, in short the warm, wet weather is ideal for grass growth. This means that your lawn can grow much faster than usual. Another problem is in high traffic areas, the grass can be simply worn away, leaving you with nothing but mud. Gardeners are struggling to keep their lawns looking tidy, because of the lack of opportunities to mow, and the added volume of grass to mow.

Our advice in these poor conditions:

  • Keep your mower blades sharp – this will mean that when you mow your lawn you will get a good clean cut, helping to keep your lawn tidy.
  • Mow your lawn more regularly – this means that you will help control the appearance of your, and keep it looking smart.
  • Try to keep off the lawn when the ground is wet – this is so that you don’t wear out the grass, and that you won’t damage any plants.
  • Don’t add fertilizer unless you really need to – adding fertilizer will only increase growth more.

The long term weather forecast suggests no change in the weather. Hopefully though, we will get our ‘summer’ yet!


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