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The Lawn Rangers diary – August lawn care and advice

The Lawn Rangers diary – August lawn care and advice
30th July 2012 Lawn UK

Caring for your lawn is always high on any good gardener’s agenda. Lawns are the centre point of most gardens, so keeping them in superb condition is extremely important. August can be an interesting month, as the weather can be so unpredictable.

What to do if the weather is mainly dry:

  • Consider mowing slightly less often to allow new grass growth – this will also help your lawn stay green rather than starting to turn yellow.
  • It can sometimes be worth watering your lawn with a sprinkler. Don’t be tempted to ‘under water‘. Leave a hosepipe on for a long enough time to allow the water to infiltrate deep into the soil. It means water will evaporate less quickly.
  • Look into using a summer granular fertiliser.
  • Make plans for overseeding patches next month. Choose a lawn seed mixture, and read how to over seed properly.

What to do if the weather is mainly wet:

  • Try to keep off your lawn if the soil is very damp. This will help reduce any risk of damage.
  • Mow lawn as often as possible to keep the turf dense, and prevent untidy shoots growing.
  • Consider spiking with a fork or aerating the lawn to allow better drainage.
  • Choose a seed mixture for overseeding in the Autumn.

For any specific guides, see the FAQs section of the site. Have a good summer.



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