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Lawns in London – choosing the right seed

Lawns in London – choosing the right seed
20th July 2012 Lawn UK

London lawnLondoners often ask us the best way to get lawns to grow better in the capital. London, like most other cities in the UK, is a difficult place to establish and maintain a lawn. Challenging conditions can make it a nightmare for many gardeners. It’s important to choose the best grass seed for London.

Some of the main limitations include:

  • Poor light conditions
  • Lack of space
  • Poor quality soil

Light Conditions

Certain species don’t like shady conditions. City gardens with high walls and tall trees do not provide much light to allow lawn grass species to grow. Species such as Lolium perenne (Dwarf perennial ryegrass) do not cope well in shaded conditions. Other species, such as fescues, bentgrass and smooth meadowgrass, will cope much better in poor light conditions. The best lawn seed mixture to use in this case would be our Premium Shade mix. Choosing lawn seed for London doesn’t need to be too much of a challenge!

Space problems

Some people are put off the idea of having a lawn in a small garden, because of the risk of high-density traffic causing damage to the plants. Coupled with problems with light, this can be a big issue for maintaining a healthy lawn. Use a tough and hard wearing seed mixture like Sprogs and Dogs.

Poor Soils

In many big cities, the soil is often hard, compacted and infertile. This can making choosing the right lawn seed for your London lawn a bit of a problem. The best solution is to look at getting some good quality topsoil. This is available in large tonne bags and is reasonably inexpensive.

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