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How can Organic Fertilisers benefit your Lawn?

How can Organic Fertilisers benefit your Lawn?
15th January 2014 Lawn UK


There are very few spheres of existence which have been left behind in the race to go organic or natural, with fertilizers being no exception at all – given a choice, customers prefer to opt for fertilizers which do not have a chemical composition and instead contain natural ingredients.

Yet the question that remains, is how do these organic fertilizers really make a difference to your lawn? Furthermore, leaving aside the natural aspect, with regard to actual benefits for plants, can we say with any degree of certainty that organic fertilizers would benefit plants, as much or more than chemical ones?

In the quest to obtain answers to these questions, we find that organic fertilizers such as blood, fish and bone fertilizer can actually make a big difference to lawns, allowing them to grow healthily. Moreover, these fertilizers do in fact work just as well as their chemical counterparts, without any of the negative implications commonly associated with the latter.

Key Features

The primary feature of blood, fish and bone fertilizer is of course the fact that it is 100% natural, as opposed to chemical compound fertilizers such as Growmore.

Yet, it remains just as effective and can allow plants to grow healthily with as much ease.

Moreover, because it is 100% natural – and given the fact that such natural offerings are preferred by one and all, it stands out as a fertilizer of choice.

A clear advantage in the case of blood, fish and bone fertilizer is the fact that it contains phosphates, potassium, and nitrogen – 3 nutrients that are considered essential to the healthy growth of plants. Of course our Growmore fertilizer also includes all 3 of these nutrients but if you are looking for an organic alternative to Growmore, then blood, fish and bone fertilizer would be the ideal choice.


Blood, fish and bone fertilizer can be applied with ease, right through the entire growing season. It is ideal for usage prior to seeding but can also be used at other times such as during the summers or in the autumn season, with the intention to improve fertility and overall quality of the soil.

As far as quantity is concerned, we offer blood, fish and bone fertilizer in a 2.5 kg box. This is typically good for 17 m2. As a thumb rule, you can bear in mind that for every m2, 140 g of blood, fish and bone fertilizer would suffice. No doubt, there are other variables at play such as quality of soil in its current form as well as the plants that are intended to be grown (or are already growing). Therefore, these figures should largely be taken as guiding light for direction, not figures etched in stone.

(See more on fertilizer application here)


Natural or organic is clearly the mantra of contemporary times, with fertilizers as much in the quest to go natural as just about any other item (where such a possibility exists).

In the case of blood, fish and bone fertilizer, the key advantage is that it is 100% organic and natural, allowing it to find immense favour among all those seeking unflinching naturalness in the fertilizer they deploy.

It contains all 3 ingredients considered as central to robust growth of plants – potassium, phosphates and nitrogen. So as a savvy user of fertilizers, you could easily opt for blood, bone and fish fertilizer over other fertilizers which may or may not contain all 3 of these nutrients.

On the whole, when it comes to an organic fertilizer which is very reasonably priced and yet offers all the distinctive features which other, more expensive fertilizers may (or may not!) offer, blood, bone and fish fertilizer clearly seems to make a lot of sense, especially since it can be used extensively right through the entire growing season.

So the answer to the fundamental question asked in this article, is that organic fertilizers can benefit your lawn in so many different ways!


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