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New grass seed mixture launched: Seasalt and Sandy soil

New grass seed mixture launched: Seasalt and Sandy soil
13th July 2012 Lawn UK

Lawn UK today launched a new mixture. Based on popular demand we have created Seasalt and Sandy soil to provide customers with a seed mixture that will grow well in poor conditions, in coastal areas. Certain plant species find it difficult to grow in salty or sandy soils, meaning that average lawn seed mixtures just will not take very well, if they grow at all.

Certain species will not grow well on salty soils, for example Kentucky Bluegrass, also known as Smooth Stalked Meadow Grass does not tolerate salty soils at all. Species like Dwarf Perennial Ryegrass however, tolerates salty conditions very well. When mixed with species like fescues, to tolerate sandy conditions, you create a great coastal area seed mixture.

Want to try it yourself? For a limited time only, the minimum order is 1kg.


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