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Ornamental grass seed? Try Premium Green

Ornamental grass seed? Try Premium Green
1st November 2013 Lawn UK

Customers often ask us, What is your best grass seed?. Whilst the mixture we recommend varies depending on the individual circumstances, Premium Green often ticks most boxes. Once described as ‘Perfect for the stripe enthusiast‘, Premium Green has been our flagship luxury lawn seed for years.

The ornamental grass seed blend is perfect for those wanting a traditional bowling green style lawn. It tolerates very close mowing, because it contains a blend of 80% Fine fescue, and 20% Bentgrass.

The best way to establish Premium Green is into fertile soil. You can boost the initial growth by adding some Growmore fertiliser to the soil a few days prior to sowing.

Premium Green can be fed throughout the Spring and Summer. We tend to find Vitax Granular fertiliser gives the best results.

Read more about Premium Green ornamental lawn seed here.


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