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Coldest Spring for 30 years slows down grass seed growth

Coldest Spring for 30 years slows down grass seed growth
23rd May 2013 Lawn UK

You may have guessed it, but the spring of 2013 is now officially the coldest in the last 30 years. BBC weather forecaster Matt Taylor explained how the positioning of the Jet Stream meant that Britain was battered with the freezing temperatures we experienced throughout March and April.

It’s been the 6th coldest spring since records began, and it’s not been so cold since 1979.

This has caused big problems for both gardeners and farmers. The cold weather meant that soils haven’t been warm enough to germinate new seeds, and many people have seen failures. (See our related article on seed germination).

Existing lawns have taken much longer than usual to emerge from their dull winter colours (such as the lawn in the picture). Only in the last few weeks have lawns seen new spring growth, which is exceptionally late.

Now that the weather seems to be improving, why don’t you give your lawn a boost ready for the summer with some Green Up fertiliser?



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