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Using Grow More to help establish your lawn

Using Grow More to help establish your lawn
19th July 2012 Lawn UK

Establishing a lawn from seed can be quite easy to complete. The result will depend largely on how well you prepare the seedbed, the weather that you have, and the type of seed that you chose. There is however a way that you can give your lawn the very best start.

Growmore is a garden fertilizer with many different applications. It’s a great thing to use to establish a new lawn. When sowing your lawn seed, it is possible to work some Growmore fertilizer into the seedbed before sowing the seed in order to improve the soil fertility, and therefore the grass growth.

Lawn seed will establish well on its own, but adding Growmore is a effective, cheap method of helping your lawn to establish quickly. The rate at which you should spread Growmore, depends on the rate at which you sow the seed. Usually, you should apply the same volume per m2 of Growmore and lawn seed.

Growmore is an all purpose fertilizer, but it’s not a good idea to use it on an established lawn. There are many alternatives.


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