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Wildflower mix for Damp Loamy Soil

Wildflower mix for Damp Loamy Soil

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Specially designed to grow well on challenging damp or loamy soils, this mixture contains beautiful flowers like ox-eye daisy and ragged robin. Mixed with 80% non-aggressive grasses the creates a fantastic meadow.

80% Low Maintenance Grass Blend for Neutral Soil

2% Ox-eye DaisyRHS Bee
2% Meadow Buttercup
2% Lesser Knapweed
2% Yellow Rattle
2% Birdsfoot Trefoil
1% Ragged Robin
1% Yarrow
1% St Johns Wort
1% Sorrel
2% Ladys Bedstraw
2% Self Heal
1% Field Scabious
1% Tufted Vetch

Sowing times: Mar – Apr, Aug – Sep

Sowing rate: 2.5g/m2

Flowers: May – Oct

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