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Wildflower Species: Meadowsweet – 50 grams

Wildflower Species: Meadowsweet – 50 grams


Meadowsweet wildflower seed 50g

Filopendula ulmaria 

Found in and alongside meadows. Prefers damp or wet ground. The flowers are strongly scented.

Sowing instructions:

  • Rake the area where you intend to sow the wildflowers
  • Ensure adequate soil is exposed for the seed
  • Spread the seed by hand
  • Tread the seed into the soil

Wildflower seeds thrive when they have little competition from other plants. Try to thin out other plants in the soil to give the seed a better chance at establishing.

Sowing times: Mar – Apr, Aug – Sep

Sowing rate: 10g/m2

Flowers: Jun – Sep

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